Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 15:59

Warner sent fake take-down requests to hotfile. Little things can get on the big stage

Let's put the truth right where it belongs. At the top. Did Warner sent fake take-down requests? Yes they did. Is that a big deal by definition? Not if you put that into perspective. The number of requests with hosters like hotfile are of epic proportions. So no. You cannot check every single one with real eyes. But since Warner brought this argument forward you might want to remember it next time when you're accused of leeching potentially protected stuff...

Anyway. Warner used automated systems. All do. And they work pretty decently if your put the numbers into perspective. In the case of Warner the number of erroneous requests are very assessable. In legal terms you are allowed to make certain mistakes and proving otherwise is not only pretty hard. It's also rather useless to try. Why would warner want to delete anything they don't own? Doesn't add up pretty well. So at the bottom of the line it's pretty safe to assume that Warner's system - despite working pretty decently actually - fragged up a couple of times in a million. And that would be a mistake they are entitled to.

So why is this non-news-thing exploding big time?

Well. If you're a 1st class notorious wanker people generally don't like you too much and tend to go overboard with kicking your nuts up between your eyes if they get a chance. The reason might be a minor but people might argue that it is unprovoked. This is just the 5 minutes of taking aim at one of the biggest wankers on the net. Fate is a real bitch. She's just not that much of a cunt to assume that hotfile might have lost millions of dollars in advertisement and Warner is supposed to compensate for it. And that makes her a lot more likeable than...let's say Warner.