Saturday, May 18, 2013 - 20:04

No more federation at Google. It's all a nice gated community now. For our protection of course.

I already suspected the problem when I first had the misfortune to run into Hangouts a couple of days ago. That suspicion is official now. Talks federation with other servers is a matter of the past. Hangouts will not support it and thus all your non talk contacts will no longer be able to contact you. Or you them for that matter. Hangouts for now supports XMPP with Google only. So at least you can use another client for text only.

The reason of course is not because Google is a cunt like everyone else. It's because Google protects us from SPAM. Isn't that just awesome? I don't know how much SPAM you folks got over Talk but for me that's ZAP. And my Account isn't particularly invisible. I get SPAM over Skype from time to time. But it isn't really much and Skype actually is a gated community with no outside connection. So obviously that doesn't protect you much from SPAM.

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