Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 17:14

Microsoft joins the Open Compute Project with a surprisingly big package

Microsoft joined the OC project with a surprising bang contributing hardware specifications as well as software, management APIs and protocols. All in all it's a pretty big package.

This is a surprising contribution from a direction I would not have anticipated in this scope. And it's not just the scope that makes this donation surprising. It's detail.

Of course this move is not quite as philanthropic as it sounds. While most OCP contributions in this field are mostly OS agnostic they have a general direction that's not quite screaming Windows. Microsoft on the other hand deploys systems that are quite obviously heavily optimized in exactly that direction. Behind the bla-bla-bubbles this is a smart and necessary move to keep the platform from losing track in the high end competition.

Nevertheless it's a great donation and Microsoft does deserve kudos for it. You don't complain if you get free beer. All the less if it tastes good.