Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 03:14

It looks like 'national solutions' aren't that national afterall.

I wrote a couple of days ago why national solutions in the PRISM context are most likely not a solution. And apparently they aren't.

As the guardian reported this weekend the GCHQ is massively tapping into internet traffic. German media followed with a claim that the British are harvesting traffic coming from the mainland. Mostly from Germany. But that's likely just due to the perspective of the media outlet. I'd expect to see France in that list very soon as France is pretty much using the same cables.

The interesting part in this scheme really is the political-not-storm. You'd expect that German officials would be on a rage, demanding an explanation and not kindly asking 'buddies if they'd like to explain what's going on'. Unless of course you already know what's going on. They are just as evasive as the British government was a while ago.

We know nothing about PRISM...Oh. Tempora. Well. Yes but that's not PRISM. And it's perfectly legal.

As I wrote earlier the BND is expanding the very same capabilities with another 100 million Euros. And that's just a one shot bonus on top of their current capabilities.

It's legal for the British to spy on Germans. And it's legal for Germans to spy on British. For both it's perfectly legal to share that information. That's spying on your own citizens with a bank shot.

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