Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 01:29

iOS7 ... zOMFG

Apple wasn't necessarily known for the best technology. But without any question they were known for great design. IOS got a little bit dated. What used to be pretty awesome back then had not changed much and today iOS didn't really look that great anymore. So I was excited to hear that iOS7 will have a complete redesign. And boy it is...

I still try to figure out what's worse. Seeing it. Realizing that GOOGLE! - a known design rapist -  has a better design or having to listen to Ive - and with that the new features - watching the video in hope it looks better when it's moving. Well. It does as you can't focus that well when you have to listen to Ive preaching whatever he's preaching.

Let's start with the features. For iOS users many of the features will be welcomed. For an Android user the features are very well known buddies since the dawn of time. The problem here isn't really that iOS finally gets them. It's that it not already has them. You must be living in a very remote space to actually get a WOW effect out of those and you most certainly never had an Android device in your hands.

It simply doesn't cut it anymore to talk about n-hundred awesome new features if you're just the last in a long line to implement them. Now also on iOS would be more appropriate. Of course that doesn't sell as well.

Droid Life has a nice one about the features over here. There's not much to argue against it. Not that I'd want to.

The only thing Android actually doesn't feature - at least not if you don't install a launcher or live wallpaper with comparable features - are two design elements. Android doesn't change overall appearance based on backgrounds. At least not to the level iOS does. It's a sort of windows'ish translucency look which strangely enough gives a quite personal look to the overall OS. The other one is a somewhat nice effect that adjust the screen to the phone's orientation, which gives it a pseudo 3D look. Usually I get tired of such gimmicks with Android launchers pretty quickly. So it's most certainly not my feature. Nevertheless. It looks decent.

Other than that the design is interesting.

I had my first laugh when I saw the background in the presentation. It's very close to Android's Phase Beam Live Wallpaper. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with that impression. The overall design is much flatter. But for example the icons aren't flat flat. They look like beta versions of a previous release. Generally my impression is that they look displaced. They look like they want to jump at you but gravity won't let them.

A lot of the in app design reminds me of windows phone. Not necessarily in a good way. The "App history" is flat down Android's version turned by 90°. Which is probably why it's 90°. Otherwise that orientation is a pretty bad choice for the screen of a phone.

All in all iOS7 looks like a mash-up of iOS6, Android and Windows phone. Not exactly something you'd expect from Apple.

On the upside of this: I doubt anyone is going to copy this design.

If you now think ...

Well. Apple also has great hardware design. They used to. You must have missed the new luxury ashtray/trashcan that's also the new MacPRO. I'm sure you'll get stickers for that one very soon so none of your Windows or Linux friends makes a capital and potentially costly mistake.

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