Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - 04:52

How could MyDataAngel have slipped past me?

I'm not entirely sure if MyDataAngel is actually a business or some sort of twisted social experiment to confuse me. Saying it's priceless is a colossal understatement.

These guys must be the most hilarious snakeoil vendors since Kryptochef's full-bit encryption, which sadly isn't online anymore. Or maybe finally would be more appropriate.

This gem however is much more entertaining. They even have a Kickstarter campaign asking for $25,000. And they have videos! The amount of AAA grade bullshit hitting fans is unfathomable. But in a gloriously hilarious way.

I'm certainly not going to dissect this one. Let's just say on their Kickstarter campaign all the way down is the team. I think it's fairly safe to say that Frankie is living in the closet where he acts as a placeholder for the entire graveyard under the office.

These guys go full commando. If this would be a parody it would be brilliant. And I'm not entirely convinced it isn't one. This is their promo video for the kickstarter campaign. It is parody right?

[Update: has been taken offline]

In case you're also confused by now. These guys are not asking for $25,000 for the latest and greatest in synthetic drugs. It's still the AES killer cipher ... for the military. That needs to comply with FIPS 140-2. Which requires authorized algorithms to appear on the AVL. Which this one incidentally doesn't.


[Update: Looks like the entire thing is gone with the wind]