Monday, December 30, 2013 - 23:48

Hangouts. Wasn't it supposed to be spam free?

Last time I checked there was no more federation with Talk to prevent spam. An obvious BS argument in the first place.

I never received spam over Talk while federation was active. Although I'm certain it happened. It's however always a question of how it's configured. If I do not allow to be contacted by unknown sources I cannot be spammed. With or without federation. If I have an open-door policy I might be spammed. Again with and without federation.

Just a second ago I was spammed. Apparently a bot. My first talk spam in years. The whole argument was obviously BS in the first place. It's not difficult to get a Google account and if you have one you can use Hangouts. It's quite straight forward really...

Until I get spammed to hell and back I'll keep an open-door policy. So I will have to deal with spam like the one to the left once in a while. If I would prefer a more closed-circuit communication I could do that. I already could do that with federation. The only reason to cap federation was to gate the community. If you want to keep on talking to your Talk Buddies you need a Google account. Before that any jabber account was sufficient. It's of course an option to grow the community. But artificially limiting communication is a poor choice. Specially if your motto is Don't be evil. Or is it NSA certified these days? I'm sort of losing track on who's being paid how much to do or not do something.

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