Sunday, July 26, 2015 - 18:56

HackingTeam is the victim and I couldn't care less about it.

In a press release HackingTeam complains about how it's portrayed in the media - and probably in general. Mostly about the fact that they are the victim and this fact isn't really covered at all. And I'd agree. But I also don't give a shit.

HackingTeam is the victim of a hack. That's a perfectly fine assessment. And in most cases this would be pointed out more prominently as it usually always is. But there's of course a reason this isn't happening in this case very often. And that reason most likely is a related reason to why I don't give a shit: I really enjoyed it. Punching HackingTeam in the face and stomping on them while they are whining on the ground is nothing I'd consider an offense or even unfair. It's quite enjoyable entertainment. If those guys managed to throw a huge wench into HackingTeam's wheels I'd bid for that wench on eBay and put it on the wall as a piece of art.

Had a media company been attacked as Hacking Team has been, the press would be outraged.

Absolutely. But then again. There are a few insignificant differences between the media in general and you bunch of useless sociopathic maggots. For example most of the media doesn't support vicious 3rd world dictators in oppressing their population. And those who do usually benefit a little less from outrage. In fact. They'd probably be the target of that outrage. Just like you.

Hacking Team has been accused of selling technology to various countries at a time that such sales were banned. 

The important part here is at a time that such sales were banned. And that's pretty much the excuse of every bunch of cretins like you: We were not explicitly told to not sell to the likes of Sudan.

Maybe that's because reasonable people would simply assume that there is no requirement for such an explicit order. The problem with dual-use technology is that you are required to keep an eye on your customers. And there's no argument in the world with which you can explain how a country like Sudan can be a remotely possible customer. It's absolutely obvious how that is used. But then again you are just that kind of greedy morons who don't give a shit. Why is it again that we should give a shit about you? You are cancer in the network. You are not a solution to a problem. You are the failed assumption of a lesser evil. And that assumption is way off.

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