Friday, November 30, 2012 - 07:32

Google integrates drive into mail...sort of.

Google's newest update to Mail has some new features. it's centered around a new composer with extended functionality and a new look. To sum up my opinion: It's crap.

The new composer

The old composer filled the message pane. And when writing a mail your other stuff was sort of inaccessible unless you opened it in a new window. That was a pretty ok behavior for me. I rarely required access to it when composing a mail and in case I had to I could pop it out.

The new composer looks and works like the chat window. Just in big. Meaning it sits in the bottom right corner. On my screen it's about 570px wide. Which is little more than 1/3 of the screen. So basically I just lost a whole lot of a fuck of space. Also I have to tilt my head...a very comfortable position when writing longer mail. Of course I can still pop it out. But that's one more click that wasn't required before. I totally fail to see why having a rather small compose window stuck to the bottom right of one's screen by default is supposed to be a good idea.

Linked with drive

When using the new composer there is a new feature at the bottom. You can link in files directly from drive. But you can only link it from drive. Not place it directly into the mail. That's unfortunate.

Another long term pisses me of thing is still there. I still cannot save attachments to drive directly. This was a much bigger annoyance to me since I already had the new feature within drive. But when I get a PDF I have to save it locally first. Then upload it to drive..Why? There is an extension to fix this for Chrome. Bad luck if you don't use Chrome.

All in all the integration is a very good idea. It however is very far from well done and incomplete.

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