Friday, November 1, 2013 - 01:45

Galaxy Nexus not getting Android 4.4

While Google anounced the N5 and Android 4.4 it also revealed which devices are getting updates. Those will be the N4, N7 and N10. But not the Galaxy Nexus. Quite to some displease with Galaxy Nexus owners.

While this coin always has two sides I don't think that was a pretty good idea. Like many pretty bad ideas google had recently. Android development is slightly faster than iOS. So you can't really expect to have the same support cycles of a system that basically changes 100.000 things which each update...but really changes not that much. With 4.4 however this is not the case. JB wasn't the perfect system for the GN because JB can be tough on memory and the GN isn't exactly gifted in that department. KitKat however is supposed to support devices with scarce memory significantly better. And the processor isn't really an issue on that device to run the operating system. From a technical POV there's not much of reason not to update. And while there's a lot of speculation circling around Google simply states that 18 month has to be enough. Period. They are not saying that Ti doesn't support the OMAP oder that Larry's aunt doesn't endorse it. They say 18 month is their support cycle and the GN is outside of that.

One would assume that if Ti would be the problem Google would happily say so. Because it reduces the flack of a lot of angry GN owners quite substantially.

What a lot of people who are excusing this shit don't see is that the GN was launched pretty much exactly 2 years ago. But that doesn't mean everyone's GN is 2 years old. The N4 was launched 11 month ago and you could easily buy a GN at that time. So quite a few of the devices are probably just 12 month to 18 month old. If I had a 14 month old GN I'd skin them alive and sell their hide.

To compare that. The iPhone 4 was first shipped in June 2010 and it runs brand new iOS7. That's twice Google's support time. Assuming it won't see another major update. Which I doubt. But that's a noticable difference and it's a bad one. People don't like buying new devices just because there's a new device. The problem is not primarily that they won't get 4.4. But once 4.4 is out there will be no more updates to older versions. They have a deprecated phone running a deprecated operating system. Not a good combination. And quite far away from the gold standard of support.

Of course you can install CM or whatever you fancy. But that's a fix to a problem that shoudln't exist here.  From a political POV that's simply stupid.

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