Sunday, September 9, 2012 - 11:33

The DNT war between Microsoft and Roy Fielding (W3C) goes into the 2nd round.

I wish I wouldn't have noticed it. But I had. The - slightly disturbing - war between Roy Fielding of W3C and Microsoft over the DNT specs goes into the 2nd round with Fielding filing a patch for Apache...That was exactly my question as well. What the fuck has Apache to do with it? Well.

Roy Fielding apparently thought it would be awesomely cool if  Apache would simply totally ignore any IE10 DNT headers. So he happily provided this patch.


# Deal with user agents that deliberately violate open standards

<IfModule setenvif_module>

BrowserMatch "MSIE 10.0;" bad_DNT


<IfModule headers_module>

RequestHeader unset DNT env=bad_DNT



Now there's a problem with old people trying to be awesomely cool. They usually end up looking like retards. The patch doesn't address the problem. It's just putting some AA guns on top of a hospital. In this case a completely unrelated project where Fielding happens to have influence and write permissions.

Ironically the patch perfectly shows why the entire idea of DNT is nothing more than luring users into some sort of parallel universe where privacy is respected just because it can and not the other way round for exactly the same reason.

The patch simply removed the DNT header from any IE10. No matter if it was set deliberately by the user or by the browser as default. It simply ignores it completely. And that is in compliance with the specs?

The perfect answers by Microsoft of course would be to put a big fat fucking warning sign in the face of their users that the Apache they are being connected to right now is a potential privacy risk. As ridiculous as that would be. There would be some truth to it if this patch would make it into the wild. As much as the server does not know who set the setting the browser does not know what the server does with the setting.

Of course that would be bombing the hospital with the AA guns on the roof. But frankly. If you don't want to be drawn into stupid wars don't allow the retarded to put anything on your roof.

To the Apache folks other than Fielding. Do not let yourself be drawn into this ridiculous stupidity. The patch does not address any Apache issue or anything the Apache team should or could possibly be interested in. Now Fielding is not a nobody in the project but it's specifically the someones who should not be allowed to abuse the project. And this is obvisouly an abuse of write privileges to make a statement that's not even related to the project.