Monday, December 17, 2012 - 18:21

Critical security issue with various Exynos 4 based phones including Samsung's Galaxy S II and III

A couple of days ago a user on xda-developers pointed out a rather nasty issue on various Exynos 4 based smartphones including - but not limited to - Samsung's Galaxy S II (i9100 versions NOT G or 9210), III and the Note 2.

The blunder allows complete read and write access to the phone's memory allowing malicious apps to basically dance tango on the device. It's pretty much one of the worst security blunders in the recent past and it sheds a rather unfavorable light on quality assurance at Samsung. This bug is not a well hidden bug in some rarely looked at piece of code. It's hiding in plain sight.

The only good news about this problem is the fact that the Exynos 4 chips aren't remotely as popular as its TI or QC competition.