Sunday, April 17, 2011 - 20:09

Apple sued for daughter's in-app purchases

Garen M. apparently filed a suit last week claiming that the in-app purchases of his 9 year old daughter were unauthorized. In-app purchases are a way to pay for additional content. This could be about anything from service to virtual goods  in a game.I agree with M. that Apple has a very lax policy about what is free. A free game can be as free as you get the game for free and pay for levels, which imo negates the idea of free. But free or not. You have to buy the content and that does not happen without proper authorization.

If you sponsor anyone you should know what you are sponsoring. Now if Apple made a mistake or if Apple was involved in some kind of fraudulent behavior I could understand and would support this suit. But this case seems to be the rather obvious as he states himself that he was unaware that these games allowed in game purchases. You should know that if you sponsor it shouldn't you?

Aside from that it's not quite that easy. Apple allows to block quite a bit of behavior on their devices. One of that is, who would have guessed, in-app purchases. If the device would have been properly configured this wouldn't have happened at all.

So at the bottom line we have a poorly configured sponsored iphone and the sponsor didn't bother much about what he actually sponsored or allowed. He gave that device to his 9 year old daughter who apparently spent $200 in various apps.

An iPhone, like every smartphone, is a rather complex and somewhat complicated device. You can't expect to buy it, give it to your kid and then expect everything to be as you think it is. Apple does quite some extensive job to help here. It goes as far as to sabotage the device. You can limit the device itself or the account. If you don't do that then frankly it's you who fucked up.

And aside from that. It's him who has the contract. So it's him who bought the content. If you hand out that device without properly configuring it first you have to  live with the consequences.