Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 08:44

Again truckloads of malware in Google's Android Market.

Google did it again. Just three month after 50 infected apps turned up in the market there're again 34 infected apps who made it past Google into the Android Market. A list of infected apps and their respective developer accounts are identified over here.

It is starting to get ridiculous. These apps are again not infected with some shiny new toy. They are infected with a well known culprit that could be identified by means of automatic scans. This time it's DroidDream Light. A variant of the malware that wrecked havoc in March. Three month after Google's catastrophic faux pas the very same happened again with virtually the same malware. Obviously Google did not deem it necessary to think about implementing even the most basic of filters to prevent well known malware from being deployed to the Market.

There's not much to say about it other than what I already said here. It's pretty much the same issue. Google apparently is quite resistant to learning from their own mistakes. I said it in the post from March. I said it a couple of times in between and I'm saying it again. Google needs to yank on that steering wheel and replace some folks in the crew. Android is currently not heading into a favorable direction and that has not much to do with openness but everything with the guys who are responsible for this particularly flawed course. And the problem is not just with the market. A perfectly fine ship will sink if some idiot runs it into an iceberg.

Google needs to get some guys on board who can compensate for Google's sloppiness. They need to get some guys on board who enforce bug fixing over features. And they need to get some guys on board who have a clue about securely deploying apps in a rather open marketplace.

And they need to do that yesterday.